Gonna make a list of own characters for personal reference!

1. Planet

watercolour + white gouache

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Hannibal, looking at Will,
watching Will lie to his face,
knowing that he’s not going to run off with Will and live happily ever after in Paris or Milan or whatever other European city they romanticize in pictures.
Knowing that he’s not going to do a damn thing but wait because God damnit, God damnit, he loves that man.

nobody touch me.

LOOK at that second gif, oh my God, he’s trying to smile or smirk at Will but it doesn’t come omfhfhdhhd


I don’t know how I feel about this but w/e

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1 minute and 44 seconds of Gaga’s ass

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♡S A S S Y & T R A S H Y ♡ 


theres a giant burning orb in the sky and it can burn your flesh, it can give you diseases, it can kill you, looking directly at it causes physical pain, and we all think this is okay. we like this orb.  we like to go outside and lie around on our backs when this orb is in the sky. children draw cute pictures of this levitating death orb with a smiley face on it. what is wrong with us

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♡S A S S Y & T R A S H Y ♡